Elements of Web Design

Web design is an art form that each designer approaches in a different way. As with any creative endeavor, web designers are artistic and inspired in the work they do, which enhances the overall quality of the sites they design.

Still, there are standard concepts and design principles that all web designers accept and apply to their work. Some of these concepts include:

Website Layout and Visual Appearance

Humans are visual beings. For a website to catch and hold a visitor’s attention, it needs to have a pleasing appearance. If a user sees a cluttered layout with hard-to-read text and a complex design, they’ll exit out of the page.

This means that when a web designer is creating a website, it should be simple, clean, and accessible. The design items should be organized properly, and the use of graphics and photography should supplement the information on the website.

Color Scheme

Color choice and coordination is an integral part of the visual appearance of a website. A website designer must choose the colors based on the project specifications and the client’s preference.

For example, a website for a kindergarten school can use primary and bright colors, but a website for the Supreme Court will use a different color palette denoting professionalism.


The typography or font that the web designer chooses is very important. The type of font used may vary from client to client.

For example, formal professions like doctors and lawyers are likely to use serif fonts. What’s most important though, is that the font is easy to read.


Website navigation involves site architecture, menus, and other tools that help users navigate the information they’re looking for. Good navigation allows the user to move around the website easily, which is vital for a positive user experience.

For example, if a webpage has a ton of content on one page that requires the user to scroll a lot, the web designers can add directional arrows. These arrows help the user to directly go to a specific section.


The information about what a business and its brand are about can be conveyed through content on the website. This content should be easy to understand, well-organized, and informative. The primary selling point of the brand or product should be conveyed quickly to the user. That means extra words as well as long and complex sentences should be avoided.

Mobile Friendliness

Currently, there are more people accessing websites from their mobile phones than those accessing websites through desktops. This means that your website also needs to be optimized for mobile devices. Mobile friendliness is just as important, if not more important, than desktop-centered web design.

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